Auto accident lawyer: Uber accident lawyer doesn’t care about accident claims

A car accident lawyer in Michigan has been slammed for claiming that Uber drivers should be fired because they aren’t qualified to handle claims.

Joe Alford, a partner at Alford Law Firm, has defended Uber drivers in the past.

Alford has defended some of the company’s most high profile cases.

In February, he defended Uber driver Joshua Brown after Brown allegedly ran a red light and hit a pedestrian in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The incident sparked a national conversation about whether Uber drivers can handle accident claims.

Alford later resigned from the firm.

In August, he took on a lawsuit against Uber and UberX drivers, which was later dismissed.

Uber has not responded to CNN’s request for comment.

In November, Alford defended UberX driver Jeremy Bamberger against allegations of sexual assault.

Bambergers attorneys said that Alford was biased and biased against Uber drivers, and that the case could have been resolved with a jury trial.

Alford’s firm also represented UberX rider Daniel Matson, who accused the company of sexually harassing him and another driver at the end of November.

Last month, Alfords defense was in front of the jury in a case against UberX pilot Scott Johnson.

Johnson is charged with driving drunk in the early morning hours of February 22, 2017, and faces up to 30 years in prison.

Johnson has also faced other lawsuits, including one filed in July against him for allegedly refusing to pay his bills and claiming that he was fired because of his Uber account.

Uber and Uberx drivers have been the subject of a number of recent lawsuits.

In October, a jury awarded a former Uber driver in Texas more than $1 million after he claimed Uber fired him after he tried to file a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment.

Alicia Gonzalez filed a lawsuit in September against Uber, claiming she was fired for speaking out against sexual harassment by the company.

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