Legal adviser to US attorney general defends Trump’s travel ban

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has defended President Donald Trump’s ban on citizens from six Muslim-majority countries, arguing it’s the “right thing to do”.

“I don’t believe the president’s position on this is wrong,” Sessions told ABC News.

“I believe that the president is right to have a hard look at the situation and say, ‘Who is going to be our biggest ally?’

And what would that be?

That’s why I think it’s so important to be careful about how you do things.”

In a series of tweets on Tuesday night, Sessions said the ban was “not a Muslim ban”.

“We’re not building a wall, we’re not putting up a ban,” he said.

“We are a nation of immigrants.

We are a country of refugees, and the president needs to understand that.”

The president has the authority to decide who enters the country and what their rights are, and how they’re treated, and I will not use the authority of my office to impose a particular view of what is or is not a Muslim country.

The US is the world’s biggest economy, with more than 7 million people living in the country. “

But the president cannot take the US into the middle of a global pandemic.”

The US is the world’s biggest economy, with more than 7 million people living in the country.

The ban is being challenged in federal courts, and is likely to be ruled on by the US Supreme Court in the coming days.

“President Trump has said that the ban is ‘not a ban’.

He has said, ‘It’s not a ban on Muslims, it’s not even a ban against people from six majority Muslim countries,'” Sessions said in a speech at a US law school.

“That’s not what this is.

This is a ban.

It’s a blanket ban.”

The president has said he is not worried about a “Muslim ban” in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.

He has argued the US needs to focus on fighting “radical Islamic terrorism”.

“Our security, our economy and our national security are not only in the interest of this country, but in the best interests of the world.

We will not tolerate a ban that targets a group of people based on religion, or race, or ethnicity, or sexual orientation,” he wrote in his executive order.

US immigration law, however, has long been the subject of legal challenges, with many arguing that the executive order does not give the president the authority he needs to implement his ban.

“The ban is unconstitutional, and it is unconstitutional under the US constitution and federal law,” ACLU director of national security and human rights, Jennifer Lynch, said in an interview on ABC News on Tuesday.

“And it is the most dangerous precedent in our history that this president has set, that is potentially going to affect the lives of people who live here.”

The ban has sparked international outcry and protests in several countries.

In Germany, more than 60,000 people have signed an online petition calling on the country’s president to cancel the ban.

In France, the country is home to some of Europe’s largest Muslim communities.

France, home to about three million Muslims, has been hit by deadly attacks by Islamists in recent years, including a series that killed 130 people in January.

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