$20,000 divorce lawyer for a man in divorce

A man in a divorce filing with the court in New Jersey was recently given a $20K salary by his ex-wife after she refused to give him a divorce.

The man has filed for divorce from his wife after nearly a year of arguing.

He’s asking the court to grant him an extension to make the payment, but the judge has denied the request.

His ex-wives lawyer, Stephanie Naughton, told FoxNews.com that the payments are a form of “self-help.”

Naugh, who is also a divorce lawyer, has worked for clients who had financial difficulties and had to work two jobs to make ends meet.

She told Fox News that this case illustrates the power of “reward” in divorce.

“I believe there’s an element of self-help in these situations.

This is a case of reward,” she said.

The woman is being paid $40,000 per year.

The case is currently being litigated in Superior Court.

A judge has yet to decide if the payments were a valid form of support, and a settlement is possible, Naugh said.

She added that the payment could potentially “re-escalate the relationship” and bring an end to the marriage.

Naugh told Fox that a settlement might not be a good thing for the man.

“It is a very volatile situation,” she explained.

“There is nothing like an extended divorce.”

She said that the man, who lives in New Hampshire, was also looking for a way to provide for his children, including a house and a car.

He said that he’s not worried about losing the home and car, and that he’d rather see his children continue to live with him.

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