Richard Jewell is divorcing his wife, and that’s the key to understanding why the divorce went so wrong

Richard Jewel is divorces his wife in an effort to save their marriage and the divorce lawyer says the divorce has a lot to do with his wife’s drinking.

The divorce attorney, Richard Jewels, told reporters on Monday that he believes that his ex-wife, whom he married in 2010, is not only drunk, but she also has issues with alcohol abuse.

“She’s been drinking for the past three years and she’s just drinking again.

I’m just saying, she has issues,” he said.”

My wife is an alcoholic, and I’m not saying it’s the fault of the drink, but it’s her problem.

I don’t think that’s her fault, it’s my problem.

The problem with my wife is the drink.”

Jewels, who is also married to a woman, told a local ABC affiliate, WLS-TV, that his wife has been “dealing with alcoholism for the last three years, and she still has problems.”

He added that his former wife’s drug use is the reason why they split, but said that he and his wife are not going to fight that.

“We’re not going back to her and she will not fight it,” he told WLS.

“We’ve decided to separate, and we’ll be able to do that when we get married.”

The divorce is not the first time that Jewels’ wife has had an affair, but this is his first.

It is unclear how long he and the former wife have been together.

According to his divorce papers, Jewels married his wife when they were both 17 and he was 24.

They had two children together, and were married for three years.

Jewels is currently in his mid-40s.

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