When will the Queensland Government stop denying access to lawyers?

Posted November 03, 2018 07:49:33 As a Queensland Attorney-General, I have been involved in legal battles for decades.

The legal system in Queensland is broken and the Queensland Attorney General (AG) has been unable to do his job properly for the past four years.

The Attorney-Generals job is to make sure that the courts work in a fair and impartial way.

In the past, the AG has been very difficult to work with, which has led to some very unpleasant interactions.

I understand that some people are not happy with the AG, and I understand why, but that is why he is the AG.

The AG does not have the power to deny anyone access to the courts.

He is simply responsible for ensuring that the rules are observed.

That includes ensuring that courts have access to information, and the AG is well aware that the information is needed by those who need it.

I have a duty to make the courts as fair as possible, and to uphold the laws and rules that apply to all Queenslanders, regardless of their race, colour, sex, sexual orientation or disability.

But the AG does have a responsibility to ensure that the laws are applied fairly.

As the Attorney-general, I will be focusing on the implementation of a set of reforms that I will deliver by December.

These reforms will: ensure that justice is not made worse by the AG’s decision to exclude some people from the courts and by the refusal of some judges to hear certain cases, even if those cases were brought by people who are not in the public interest.

The changes also include an overhaul of the Attorney General’s role.

The Government is committed to ensuring that every Queenslander gets equal access to justice, and that justice happens in a way that is fair and equitable.

I will also be implementing a range of reforms to ensure fairness in all aspects of the legal system.

These include: requiring the Attorney Generals office to make public the number of people in the Queensland courts who have been denied access to courtrooms, and by whom, including the number and proportion of cases which have been decided against those people.

Ensuring that the AG will be available to answer questions from the media and the public when asked questions about the AG and the court system.

Ensures that the Attorney general will have the authority to ask the Federal Court to make a decision on whether a particular person or group of people has been discriminated against.

Ensured that the number, location and age of courtrooms in Queensland are recorded in the court records.

Ensues the Attorney Attorney General to make his decisions in a manner consistent with the law and with the public’s interest.

Ensure that all relevant information about the court systems in Queensland and its courts is available to the public.

Ensuses that the Queensland Court system is free of corruption.

Ensusses that the Australian Bar Association has made recommendations on the AG system.

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