Uber raises salary of driver in car accident case

A lawyer who is representing a man in an auto accident case filed against Uber says she’s making more than $100,000 a year.

Jodi Hernandez told The Associated Press that the attorney, who also worked on the case, earned more than a million dollars last year.

She says her salary is now about $120,000.

Hernandez said she has been working for Uber since 2015 and has worked for the company in more than 100 cases.

Her attorney is a lawyer in Seattle.

Uber’s driver program has also been the subject of a lawsuit by Uber drivers in Texas.

Uber has said its driver program works to ensure the safety of its drivers.

Hazila’s attorney, Mark DeCrow, declined to comment on Hernandez’s salary.

He said Uber has never paid Hernandez less than what her hourly rate is.

He noted that the company says it does not pay attorneys to represent clients in employment litigation.

Uber said last month it had raised Hernandez’s compensation by nearly 40 percent.

The company said Hernandez’s current salary is $125,000, which includes a $25,000 incentive, which is part of the $75,000 minimum wage Uber requires of its employees.

Uber did not provide an exact figure for Hernandez’s hourly rate.

Hazele Johnson, an attorney for the plaintiff, said Hernandez made about $140,000 in 2017, more than double her annual base salary.

Johnson said Hernandez, who is black, was the driver in the fatal crash in which Uber said it was a passenger.

Uber said the driver was white.

Johnson was critical of the settlement, calling it “a slap in the face to our black and Latino drivers” who were injured or killed while driving.

“This settlement is about money and not the lives of the drivers,” Johnson said in a statement.

“It’s about money for the rich, not for the lives and livelihoods of our hard-working, hard-driving, and very dedicated and courageous employees.”

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