California bill gives victims the right to sue for fraud

California’s bill to amend the state’s consumer protection laws to protect victims of online fraud was approved by the California legislature Tuesday, ending months of heated debate that pitted supporters of the bill against opponents who argued that it would allow online predators to profit from victims’ distress.

Under the new law, if an online transaction or a consumer credit transaction involves fraud or theft, victims could sue the person or company who committed the crime for the money lost.

The law would apply to online services, including online games, online music, and online advertising.

The bill also would make it easier for victims to sue perpetrators of crimes online, as long as the perpetrator does not control or operate the site.

It’s the second time the California state Legislature has passed a bill designed to curb online predatory behavior.

Earlier this year, a similar bill was defeated in the state Assembly by a margin of only two votes.

The measure was also narrowly defeated in California’s state Senate last week, with one senator, Democrat Mark Leno, saying that the bill was “designed to give victims of fraud and theft the ability to recover money.”

The bill passed the Assembly last month.

In an interview, Leno said that his office has received hundreds of complaints about online predatory activity.

He also argued that the legislation could help curb online predators’ profit, noting that some of the online predators who have been convicted of felonies are now “going out of business” and that there are “other predatory businesses that are thriving in California.”

The bill passed in the Assembly with little opposition from both Democrats and Republicans.

The Senate voted 27-16 to advance the bill, and the Assembly passed the bill by a vote of 12-4.

“There’s a lot of misinformation and misinformation about what this is going to do,” Leno told The Verge.

“The truth is, we don’t want this bill to be viewed as a license to take money from victims.”

Leno and other lawmakers argued that this bill was intended to help victims of crimes.

The bill will go to the California Senate for consideration.

If it passes there, it will head to the state Senate floor for a vote.

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