How to get the best legal representation in your DUI arrest

CNNMoney columnist Brian Schoenfeld wrote a story this week that suggested that an attorney for the boat crash lawyer in the Boating Accident Lawyer article Lawyer Daniel S. Paz has told the story of a boat crash in Michigan that claimed the life of his girlfriend.

But a lawyer who specializes in DUI cases says he can’t tell the story in detail because it involves a lawyer in a car accident case.CNNMoney asked Paz, who is also a law professor at the University of Michigan, to tell us how he can tell the tale in detail.CNN’s Dan Frosch: How do you explain the story to people who have been through a car crash?

Daniel S. Pasz: I think I can give you an outline.

The accident happened in July 2017.

The car had been in a wreck, and the car had just gone out of control, and it was going to hit the wall.

It was going up on the side of a bridge.

The driver of the car was going through a red light and the passenger of the driver was going under the bridge.

So, the accident happened.

Then, the car hit a tree and the driver and the front passenger were dead.

Then the driver went back to the car.

Then he went into the boat.

So the boat was going in the water.

The passenger was not in the boat at that point.

And, the boat hit a truck and the truck hit the car and killed the passenger, and then the truck was going back into the water, so the driver couldn’t get out of the boat and he drowned.

So he drowned, and he went to the hospital.

CNNMoney: So how do you tell the entire story?

Daniel Paz: You can’t, because you can’t really explain it.

CNN’s Dan Frosh: How did you explain this to a friend who was there when the accident took place?

Daniel: They were in the hospital and they were saying the same thing, “Oh, my God.

This is crazy.”

CNN’s Daniel Paz explains the details of the crash of the Boatsman, a motorboat that overturned and crashed into a bridge in Michigan on July 5, 2017.

Piz says the driver of his boat, a 46-year-old Michigan man, told a friend that the car in the accident had gone out into the road.

That’s why they got out of there and started running and screaming for help, he said.

He said he then saw his girlfriend and the boat overturned.

The boat crashed into the river, killing him.

CNN said Piz didn’t have an attorney to represent him, and his lawyer said he was unable to discuss the case.

What happens if you’re a victim of a car or boat accident?

Daniel’s lawyer says it’s a different story.

“If you have a lawyer, you can see the accident, you see the car go down and you can understand why the driver is in such a bad shape,” said Daniel Sato.

“You can understand the car going in and the people who are on board and the injuries they’re in.”CNNMoney: How can you tell if someone you know has been through an accident?CNN’s Brian Schienstauf: When someone has a DUI, you should call the police immediately.

You can call 911 and you have the option of going to your nearest emergency room.

CNN says if you do this, it will save the lives of other people.

CNN Money asked Daniel Piz if he could describe what happened to him, but he could not.CNN Money: How is it possible that a car can be flipped upside down and cause the driver to drown?

Daniel said the car he was in was in the middle of a turn.

He saw a tree branch.

The trees were still alive.

So what happened was that the front seat got pulled forward.

He then got pulled into the back seat, and all of a sudden the front was flipped over.

The front of the front bumper went in.

Then all of the glass went in, and everything was in tatters.

CNN called the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for more information.

CNN paid for the investigation.CNN: How could a person who is drunk or in a bad state have been thrown off of a bike and killed?CNN: That is a question that the NHTSA will answer, according to NHTAP, the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

But that doesn’t answer the question of whether someone was drunk or high.

If someone is, they could still be alive, but not being conscious, not breathing, not aware of what happened.

CNN asked the NHSO about this, but a spokesperson said there is no data to support this claim.CNNMotive and accident investigators, however, can tell you that when someone is unconscious, there is nothing that can be done to stop them from being transported from the scene.

And in a fatal

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