The Next Musical, a Musical By Dental Lawyer Brad Edwards

The next musical from the band Dental Lawyers is set to premiere on Broadway in May, and now we have an exclusive preview of the first trailer.

We’re looking at what the film looks like, what it sounds like, and what it feels like.

(Warning: spoilers for the trailer below.)

The film follows Dental Barristers Brad Edwards and his wife as they battle to get their medical-related bills paid and make it to the stage of a Broadway musical.

This is the first time we’ve seen the musical in its entirety, which means we’ve got a bit of a jump-start on what’s in store for the rest of the movie.

The trailer shows a band that includes Dental Attorneys Brad Edwards, Matt Sallman, and Matthew Kincaid, and they’re all doing their jobs with no time for downtime.

It’s a team effort, but this is not a team that will sit around for a few weeks to see what happens.

As they say in Dental Practice: Always take your cue from your coach, and never be afraid to get up early to take a look around the room.

The film is directed by Adam Karpinski (the Oscar-winning musical comedy Blackfish, The Last Witch Hunter, and the upcoming documentary The Big Sick).

We’re talking about a Broadway show, not a Hollywood movie, so that’s a big difference.

This isn’t a sequel to the musical or a remake of a classic, and it certainly doesn’t revolve around a band of Dental lawyers who’re all working on their own cases.

The film is an ensemble of the best musical theater actors in the world, and this is just the beginning of the group’s career as they try to get through the trials of their life.

It’s hard to imagine a musical without Dental Defenders Brad Edwards (the musical’s main protagonist), who’s playing Dental Attorney Matt Sampson.

Matt’s a talented lawyer who was hired by the Dental Professionals Guild to defend a patient who lost her teeth after a dentist took them out.

His passion for law has kept him alive during a challenging time, and he’s trying to keep his job in the face of the rising cost of dental care.

But after he was hired, he’s found out he’s on the wrong side of the law, and soon, his case is being litigated in court, which makes him a target of the DENTALERS, a group of lawyers that’s looking to get paid.

The team is led by Matt’s father, a lawyer who’s also a Dental Defender, and their lawyer is a man named Richard (Mark Ruffalo).

It’s interesting to note that while the trailer shows Matt in his office, there’s no way to know if this is an actual office, or if he’s just a placeholder character.

The real cast members of the show are playing different characters in the show.

There’s Brad’s dad, a young lawyer with a beard, and Matt’s dad.

The only other person we can really see is Richard, who plays a lawyer named Paul (Robert De Niro).

And then there’s a young man named Jack (Dylan Minnette).

The other members of this group are actors from other shows and movies, like Paul, Dontre Hamilton, and Nick Jonas.

This seems to be a team of talented actors working together, and there’s plenty of tension between them as the trial unfolds.

The way that they work together is so much more interesting than it is in the past, and that’s why the trailer really shines.

We’ve been watching this trailer for months now, and while it doesn’t seem to be quite the hit that some other trailers have, the fact that this film is coming to Broadway is definitely a good sign.

There have been a number of shows coming out of this industry in the last few years that have had some buzz, but nothing quite like this.

It gives us hope that we can get a good theatrical release this year, and if it comes out on Broadway, it’ll be one of the biggest things to hit the Broadway theater in years.

(We’ve also been told that there will be a Broadway revival of The Big Sneeze, the musical based on the real-life disappearance of the actress, who disappeared in 1982.)

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