Judge says he won’t give divorce lawyer ‘blessing’ in court over ‘foolish’ decision to sue woman

A judge in Oklahoma has denied a divorce lawyer’s claim that she was “blessed” by a divorce settlement because her legal fees were reduced by $500.

The Tulsa World reported on Thursday that the attorney, Heather Steed, filed the lawsuit in the Oklahoma Supreme Court after she was charged with filing fraudulent claims under the Oklahoma Statutes that led to her dismissal in 2014.

Steed claimed the settlement included $100,000 to be paid to her if she filed a fraudulently inflated claim, and $1 million if she successfully litigated the case.

Streed filed her lawsuit against Steed’s former husband, David Steed.

She argued that David Steeld’s legal fees from the case should be reduced, since his fees were paid to his wife during the divorce proceedings, and they did not go to her.

The attorney also argued that the settlement was unfair to the Steeds, and the settlement should be overturned because the attorneys fees were not “sufficiently significant.”

According to the Tulsa World, Steed was awarded $1.4 million from the Steelands’ divorce settlement.

The lawsuit was filed in January, but it was only unsealed after the Stees moved to dismiss the case in September.

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