‘Kardashians should have the right to be forgotten’: The #NotYourShield campaign for Harvey victims

A campaign called #Notyourshield is circulating online to urge people to not be ashamed to be a lawyer.

The group launched a new Twitter account Tuesday to encourage people to use it.

“It’s really important that everyone understands that the only way to prevent a future disaster like Harvey is to be as prepared as possible and to have the skills to protect yourself and your family,” the campaign’s founder, Kim Kardashian, said in a statement.

The campaign was launched by a group called Justice for Harvey.

“We’re going to be using #NotYoursShield to encourage everyone to do their part,” the group’s founder said in the statement.

“As a lawyer I’ve spent my entire career fighting for the right of the people of Texas to be safe and secure.

Now, it’s my duty to help protect my fellow Texans.”

A spokesperson for Justice for Harley, Lauren Tull, told The Verge that the campaign was a response to the “credible threats” made by lawyers and law firms.

The group is working on “a plan to get more lawyers involved in the fight for Harvey’s victims,” Tull said.

“We’ll share it soon.”

The group says the hashtag will “give people a way to make a difference.”

Kardasian, who is also the attorney representing the state of Texas in the lawsuit against President Donald Trump, has previously called Harvey a “disaster waiting to happen.”

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