California attorney’s dog bite lawsuit is worth more than $7 million

Attorney Robert J. Goguen of the Dog Bite Lawyers of Southern California sued the state on Thursday, claiming that he was injured and killed by a pit bull in 2014.

Gorgen sued in Los Angeles County Superior Court, arguing that the dog bit him and his wife in a parking lot and that the pit bull owner, who was not identified, should be criminally liable for negligence.

The dog had been kept by the Gorgens since 2013 and was not registered to breed.

Gugen said the dog was not allowed to leave the Gugens’ garage and had to be restrained when it attacked him.

“He was a very dangerous dog,” Gugengen said.

“His owner, he has a license to keep him.

She was the one who kept him.

That’s what I think the dog owner should be held liable.”

Gugueen, whose office has a dog safety training course, was injured while he was working in the parking lot.

“I was very fortunate that I was able to escape,” Goguin said.

GOGUEN’S ATTORNEY: He was a dangerous dog, he was a pitbull, he attacked me.

His owner should have been responsible for it.

JAMES GOGUEEN: It was a vicious dog, it was a bully dog, they’re the same breed.

And it attacked me, it bit me.

It bit me, he had a bite mark.

It was on my left side, and my leg was in a lot of pain.

The pitbull owner should not be held responsible.

I had a serious leg injury, and she had no idea what was going on with the dog.

She had a license for the dog, but that license expired a year ago.

They shouldn’t be responsible.

And I was very lucky that I got out of there alive.

JEFF KARL: The Goguanes are suing the owner of the dog and her husband, a former firefighter, for failing to supervise their dog.

“The Gugenhans have suffered enormous losses in this lawsuit, which they will suffer again,” attorney Brian Pappas said in a statement.

GAGUEN SAYS HE DIDN’T KNOW THE DOG WAS PIT BULLIED When the Gogens were first notified about the pitbull’s aggressive behavior, the Gaguanes called the Los Angeles Animal Services Department to report the dog in violation of a city ordinance.

When the department responded, it reported the dog had bitten the Guguens and that it was illegal to keep dogs with a criminal record.

The Gugenes said they called the LASD’s animal control officer, who told them the dog could not be released.

When they asked for a restraining order to be issued against the dog’s owner, they were told that the LACSD could not issue a restraining action because the owner was a retired firefighter.

The LACS, however, could issue a written restraining order for the owner, which would require the owner to surrender the dog to the L.A. City Attorney’s Office.

The owners of the dogs have appealed that decision, arguing the LAGO failed to provide adequate notice that the city was considering the order.

GUGUEN: The L.C.A.’s failure to provide sufficient notice to the Guggens of the city’s consideration of their motion to have the order enforced against the owner in violation, they feel was an unlawful deprivation of the property rights of the Gaugues.

In the meantime, the LCA was ordered to remove the pit bulls from the Goggans’ property.

GAPO: The city has been ordered to return the pit Bull.

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on Monday to adopt a resolution that would allow the L,A.

Department of Animal Services to enforce the order against the owners of two of the pit Bulls, one of whom is a former Los Angeles firefighter.

GIGUEN IS LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT FOUND: I feel like it should be the person that got hit, not the owner.

J. M. GILLINGER: The owner has been notified that the owner is not allowed by law to own a pit Bull and she is being required to surrender it to the city.

It’s not her fault.


DA’s office were to enforce this order against her, it would be a tragedy.

GILGUNN: I have lost a lot.

The whole time I was working, I worked with the dogs.

I worked very hard to protect them.

They weren’t going to be able to get in here.

The only way they could get in there would be if they were vicious dogs.

GANGOEN: I think they should be prosecuted.

They need to be held accountable. G

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