How to get a better job if you’re black or Hispanic

The lawyer who became the subject of the Supreme Court’s latest affirmative action decision, Shubert v.

Biederman, is getting a new job.

On Tuesday, Dui, the law firm that represented Biedermers, announced that it hired David Shubert, a black lawyer who represented the Duas family in the civil rights suit.

The news was first reported by Bloomberg.

Dui said Shubert was “committed to working with the family and community to address the root causes of their discrimination.”

Shubert said he was also going to work on issues related to the Duanas, including a lawsuit brought against the city of New Orleans for not providing enough housing to them.

A source at Dui told ABC News that Dui hired Shubert for “a very, very limited time.”

Dui did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The family was sued in the 1990s after the city refused to provide them with housing that was deemed affordable.

The lawsuit claimed the city discriminated against the family by denying them fair housing protections, such as the right to a public housing voucher.

The lawsuit has since been settled, and New Orleans has since re-built the Duanas’ home in a community center.

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