Why Donald Trump’s lawyer, Stormy Daniels, is being fired

In an article from Fortune magazine titled “The New Civil Rights Movement” Stormy Daniels’ attorney is being dismissed by the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) over allegations that he is using “unethical and abusive tactics” to defend Donald Trump, according to the LA Times.

According to the Times, Daniel has been hired by Trump’s legal team to represent him in civil lawsuits against his accusers and other critics, and has been accused of “using the legal system as a vehicle for personal vendettas, intimidation, and defamation.”

The LA Times reported that after the initial accusations surfaced, Dankstein and his lawyer, Mark Zaidman, were fired from their jobs by the NYCLU.

According the Times: Danksten was also fired from his former job with the New Orleans attorney general’s office, where he served as a director of the office’s office of litigation, after the allegations surfaced.

A spokesperson for the attorney general said the office was not involved in the firing.

Dankstadt, who had been an assistant attorney general, is no longer with the office.

According of the LA Daily News, Dansons lawyer has been named to represent the New Yorker in two civil suits filed against him.

The first, filed by actress Ashley Judd, alleges that Dankstedt “perjured himself in an interview” with a New York magazine reporter and has alleged that he “lied to the FBI about the extent of his involvement with the Trump campaign” in a phone call in December 2016.

The second suit, filed in California by Trump and his attorneys, alleges the same things, but claims that Danson has been falsely accused of threatening the New Jersey state attorney general in relation to his own political career.

Dansson is not the only attorney under scrutiny.

The NYCLUS filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York in December against the Trump University “scam” claims, alleging that the “school was engaged in a pattern of illegal, illegal, and fraudulent activities that created a substantial likelihood of fraud and misrepresentation.”

The NYCLA also sued the Trump organization for “fraudulently and fraudulently misrepresenting the quality of its courses” and for “violating the First Amendment and the state’s constitutional rights to free speech and assembly.”

The group has filed a complaint in the Eastern District of Virginia and filed a claim in the District of Columbia on behalf of more than 60 former Trump students.

The Trump Organization, through a spokesperson, denied the claims.

The New York Times reported in November that Daniles attorneys had been fired from the Trump Organization in 2017 for “misrepresentations and violations of the law.”

The attorney’s contract had been terminated in June 2018, but the NYLRB is now taking the case to court to try to get the termination overturned.

According a spokesperson for New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, he was “not aware of the firing.”

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